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Welcome to Black Diamond’s Reamer Product Line.

We offer two product lines for Down Hole Reamers. Both tools are made of steel and are assembled with premium PDC Cutters and premium hardfacing materials.

Steady-Drill Reamer

Steady-Drill Reamer provides reamer functionality for conditions when ledges are on the well bore or sever swelling occurs.

The Steady-Drill Reamer consists of “3” cutting mechanism for keeping a gauge hole. The first is a tapered cutting structure for running in the hole. The second is a spiral gage pad design with premium hardfacing. The third is another tapered cutting structure for back reaming functionality.

Please call your Black Diamond Representative for specific product information and questions.

Near Bit-Reamer

Near-Bit Reamers are a concentric hole opener, designed to run with a PDC Drill Bit. This reamer removes ledges for the wellbore in order to reduce NPT for running casing.

The Near-Bit Reamers have a tapered profile with premium pdc cutters for maximum durability and performance.