High Performance Drilling Solutions

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Black Diamond offers customized pdc drill bits, completion bits, near bit reamers, drill string reamers and core bits.
Black Diamond Products are engineered and built by highly qualified team members.
Superior Manufacturing Capabilities for all types of down hole tools.
Engineered and optimized for the toughest drilling applications.


Black Diamond Bits is a technology differentiator in regards to downhole tools. We believe in providing a quality product to meet our customers technical requirements.

We utilize a system called “Closed Loop” Design System. This system is an efficient design system where are the details of the drilling application are considered in order to provide the best drill bit for the application. First the application is studied in regards to potential formations encountered during the run and drilling practices. We then select the “ingredients” for the design which include diamond selection, blade count, cutter size, etc. We then utilize our proprietary design software to design the drill bit and will give our customer’s the specification prior to the manufacturing process. Once the design has met our customer’s need(s) our manufacturing team inputs the design into the CNC machine. Our engineers then pre-select optimize drilling parameters that will best fit the new design. Once the bit is run we then evaluate the run with a post well analysis of the run and look for ways to optimize the drill bit even further. The closed loop design system then starts once again.